mercoledì 4 febbraio 2009

Her Morning Elegance [meglio ottimizzare]

Da oggi scrivo anche su questo blog... e questo e' il post che ho scritto oggi:

Her Morning Elegance is a song from The Opposite Side of the sea, the debut album by Oren Lavie.
This video was viewed by millions of people and embedded in thousands and thousands of blogs.

We love this video-clip!!! It is a wonderful way to tell a dream!!!

And now some cool info about this video (from Sunil)

+ The music video was shot using stills - roughly 3225 still photos for the entire video, using one camera, hanging from the ceiling for the main body of the movie.
+ It took 4 weeks before shooting to create an animated computer generated storyboard for the video, with 3d dummies for the characters.
+ It took only 2 days of shooting for the live actors on set to re-create the 3.5 minutes computer sequence, frame by frame.
+ Some of the bed sheets used in the video were taken from Oren’s own bedroom and are now considered collectors items, worth at the moment not very much and therefore used as bed sheets.
+ Each of the wonderfully talented people above have worked on the video for a fraction of their normal rates (except Oren who worked for his normal rate of zero).

Speriamo che il mio amato blog non si offenda

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